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Single Mom Screaming in the Street After Being Set on Fire, Loses Her Life

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A mother was forced to endure a nightmare that would traumatize any of us.  Rachel Osei, an 18-year old single mother, was screaming after being burned by a fire that started inside her house. The woman was heard screaming in pain before she passed on the street in front of witnesses.

The woman was on fire and people tried to help, but it was too late.  Neighbors say that the woman’s four year old son Kai was staying with relatives when the incident occurred in London.
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Her father, Jonathan Osei, said he has no idea what happened.

“Rachel was at university training to be a sports teacher,” he said. “She wanted to do well and provide for her son. When I heard about the fire I tried to call her on her mobile phone but there was no answer. I tried to protect her but I could not.  I loved Rachel, she was a lovely, lovely daughter. I named her after my mother. I had four children but now I have only three.”

The young woman’s mother was too grief-stricken to talk after the tragedy.

Rachel was living in a housing project that accommodates quite a few single mothers.  She was studying at St. Mary’s University, a few miles away from her home.

“After that I saw loads of police cars and ambulances. It has been really crazy. It’s really sad,” said one witness.

Police are still trying to figure out what substances the woman was using at the time of her death.

“The death is being treated as unexplained,” a police spokesman said. “We would like to speak to three members of the public who assisted in trying to save the woman’s life by trying to extinguish the flames at the time of the incident.”

The only good thing about this terrible tragedy is that her son didn’t have to see his mother go through this.  If you are worried about what your kids should do in the event of a house fire, you should read this resource for more information.