Shaunie & Shaq Fight In Court Over New Reality TV Show

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By Daphne R

Shaunie O’Neal is ticked off at her ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal for going behind her back and secretly initiating a deal for a reality tv show with their kids. She says Shaq is full of it when he says he doesn’t want to do reality TV. And she apparently has evidence to back it up.

Shaunie was trying to get her kids on a new reality show that she has a deal for called The Shaunie Project about her life with her kids but when Shaq heard about the deal his response was, ‘Over my dead body’. He says there’s no way he’ll allow his kids to appear in a reality show.

Shaunie has tried to convince Shaq that her new show will be a wholesome show similar to The Cosby Show but Shaq isn’t buying it. He feels reality TV will portray his family as being dysfunctional.

Shaunie has somehow come across some unsigned contracts and correspondences that her ex-husband had and took them with her to court. The documents clearly show that Shaq had personally been negotiating for a reality show project with their four kids included in the deal.

According to TMZ, that’s not the only proof Shaunie has. She also took to court with her a sworn declaration from the head producer of the tv show claiming that Shaq gave him the green light to proceed with plans to do the show, but later withdrew his permission saying the show was  ‘not a good look for me.’

When it comes to disputes both parties usually have opposing views of how things really happened and this case is no different. Sources close to Shaq admit he was ok with doing the show at first but had a change of heart after finding out that one of his children had a severe learning problem in school. They claim that was the real reason he withdrew his permission to do the show.

It is also believed that Shaq wanted creative control to make sure his children would be protected but that it was denied. Contrary to that statement, Shaunie claims Shaq was indeed offered creative control.

Shaunie went to court in hopes of obtaining an emergency order that would allow her to begin shooting her show as scheduled in January. She hopes to prove that Shaq is actually a hypocrite who himself was planning in secret to have his own reality show with their kids.

Shaq  is said to be leery of Shaunie’s ability to control the show after she claimed she wouldn’t stand for anymore violence on her other show, Basketball Wives, yet at the urging of producers allowed the cat fights to continue. Is Shaunie exploiting her kids for money and fame?

She says Shaq wanted one million dollars to allow her to go ahead with her show deal. His camp says he doesn’t need the money, and never asked her for any money.

She says she needs to do the show to pay bills because Shaq doesn’t pay any alimony. His camp says Shaq pays $100,000 a month in child support for his four kids.

She says he hardly ever spends time with the kids, seeing them only 8-10 days per year. His camp says he sees his kids ‘plenty’ and is involved with their school.

In court, a judge shut Shaunie down and refused her emergency order instead ordering that a hearing on the matter be scheduled late next month.



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