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Queen Latifah Explains How God, Instead of Alchohol, Helped Her Overcome Personal Trauma

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queen-latifa-at-joyful-noiseBy Lillian Armstead

God is a very present help in times of troubles, says Psalm 46:1.  Queen Latifah has many titles attached to her name – hip hop artist, talk show host, author, and business woman.

In a recent interview with “Good Housekeeping Magazine,” she talked about her faith and trust in God.

Although the artist admits to being raised as a Baptist, there was a time when she anesthetized herself with mind altering substances like alcohol.  Queen was also arrested for possession of marijuana and a handgun as a young adult.

After spending time in therapy, she revealed a secret – she was molested at the hands of a baby sitter – while only 5 years old.

Queen whose brother was a police officer lost his life some 19 years ago in a motorcycle accident.  His untimely death ironically happened at the time her music career launched.

This tragedy changed her life in a way she never imagined.  However, she was impacted by yet another tragedy – a close friend who was in a car with Latifah at the time of a carjacking – was shot – but miraculously survived.

These events shook her mentally, spiritually and emotionally – forcing her to lean and trust on the power of God which ultimately helped her with emotions of guilt, anger and pain – especially after her brother’s death.

Queen shared the importance of having faith:

Nobody is perfect. I know that I’m not a saint, but God’s love is there for me,” said Queen. “I know that I need help to make it through every day, so I pray to God to help me do the best I can, to lift me up when I am tired and help me develop into the person He wants me to be … I am always surrounded by His love, and He is always there.”