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Ouch: Porsha Stewart Actually Thought the Underground Railroad Was a Real Train

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The world has become one where flash outweighs substance and this is what you get.  Porsha Stewart has just embarrassed herself big time when asked a critical question about an important part of black history.

The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta actually stated that she thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train.  Yes, she did say this.

Even worse is that Porsha’s grandfather is respected civil rights leader Hosea Williams, so she should certainly know better.
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The revelation of Porsha’s lack of historical education came during a trip to the Freedom Trail tour in Savannah, Ga.  During this trip, the group visited a church that was part of the Underground Railroad.  The railroad was a network of people and locations that helped slaves escape the south to freedom during the 1800s.

The person giving the tour told the group that the holes in the wall were used for air by those who were in the crawl space underneath the building. That’s when Porsha made a remark that might officially make her the saddest star of reality TV for 2013.

“Well there has to be an opening for the railroad at some point because somebody’s driving the train,” she said.

“It’s not electric like what we have now.”

That’s when Phaedra Parks jumped in to try to help her out.  Everyone was kind of shocked by Porsha’s remark.

“It wasn’t a train, baby,” Phaedra Parks said. “That was just a euphemism, baby.”

The other housewives were not so nice as they explained that it was sad to see someone be that misinformed about a simple concept of black history.

“Really, like really? You actually thought there was an actual train that took them through,” Cynthia Bailey said to the camera later on.

“It’s almost hurtful to watch her be so dumb,” said Kenya Moore.

Kenya kept on digging, stating that Porsha is an embarrassment to her family and herself.

“When Porsha was perplexed at how the train operated or ‘who went down there first to make room because they didn’t have electric trains like we do now,’ I became incensed… It was crystal clear that Porsha did not know that the Underground Railroad was not a literal train!” wrote Kenya.

“Porsha is an embarrassment to her grandfather, his legacy, her family, and most importantly, herself.”

Maybe Porsha is just a product of our public school system.  She might unfortunately be representing a lot of people.