Omarosa Fights with Michael Clarke Duncan’s Family a Year After His Death

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omarosaby Barry Burch Jr.

A good reason for the expression “Rest in Peace” is that when you say or write it, you are letting other people know your wishes for that person who is deceased.  Basically, because they are no longer breathing, you are suggesting that they should no longer be stressing.

Now someone tell the Duncan family that.

The family of the late Michael Clarke Duncan are battling it out with each other over a dispute that many on the outside might consider trivial.  Because of it the actor has been buried under an unmarked tomb for a little over a year now.  According to TMZ, Duncan’s former fiancé, Omarosa Manigault and his family cannot seem to get along.

The site claims it was told that the fight has everything to do with a bronze plaque for Duncan’s vault at Forest Lawn Cemetery in L.A.  Currently there is no plaque.  This is despite the fact that it was already paid for in Duncan’s funeral bill.

According to sources close to Omarosa, the former “Apprentice” star had all intentions of ordering a plaque with Duncan’s name on it along with his birth and death dates, but was stopped by Duncan’s family and told that they would be the ones handling the order.

However, the Duncan family claim that’s not true.  According to them, Omarosa is the real reason behind the delay.  The family said Omarosa put herself as the wife of Duncan on the cemetery paperwork.  They said she made a promise to order the inscription, but never did.

Sadly, neither of the two involved parties is interested in coming together to reconcile.

One of the members in the family told TMZ that the whole thing is outrageous and shameful.  Duncan’s mother is 95 and also in poor health.  The family hopes that before she dies, she is able to see that her son is indeed, resting in peace.


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