Mo’Nique Returns to TV as Host of “Love & Hip Hop” Reunion Show

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By Daphne R

Sometimes I go through moments of wondering where certain entertainers are that I haven’t seen in a while and one of the most recent that has come to mind is Mo’Nique. The last time I recall hearing anything about her was after her talk was cancelled and word spread about her strained relationship with BET. Later, there were some murmurings that Mo’Nique would be returning to television or maybe had a daytime talk show in the works.

Well, Mo’Nique has finally resurfaced, not in her own show, but she’s going to be the new host of this season’s “Love & Hip Hop” reunion show. That should make for some great tv viewing on the already wild and crazy show. “Love & Hip Hop” show producer Mona Scott-Young has a lot going on so she’s apparently handing the reunion show hosting gig to Mo’Nique and I feel she’s very deserving of the task. Plus, it’s a great way to get her foot back in the door. She’ll undoubtedly have her hands full trying to keep the cast in check.

Reunion shows are always filled with lots of drama and there’s already hints that Erica and her girlfriend Cyn may be in trouble with their relationship. After posting a photo of herself and Mo’Nique on the reunion show set, Erica later posted a photo of her and Cyn with this caption, ‘I’m sorry if I EVER hurt you! I never meant too and I hope you know your PERFECT! & that’s why I Love you! Forgive me Cynsantana.You have Always been good to me!! Thank You!

Looks like Erica has gotten caught in a little something, something, huh? Well, maybe it will be exposed at the reunion show. I’d guess Rich has something to do with it.

Can’t wait to see Mo’Nique again and I’m sure she’ll be in rare form wielding advice and correction to the cast.


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.


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