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Miracle: Girl Survives Shooting After Her Glasses Deflect the Bullet

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A family is feeling blessed during the holiday season after a tragedy was barely averted.  A little girl took a bullet to her forehead during a shooting and was amazingly able to survive the shot.

Alonza Bryant, who lives in the southern part of Seattle, was shot Saturday night.  The bullet came through the living room of her home and literally hit her right between the eyes.  Unbelievably, the bullet got caught in the frame of her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

The girl was injured, but OK.  It turns out that the night she just happened to fall asleep with her glasses on was the night that her life was saved.

“I could have been dead. I’m glad that the glasses saved me,” the girl said to KOMO. “I fell asleep with my glasses on, and the glasses saved where the bullet was.”

The suspect actually came by the house twice, firing into the home each time.  Police say that he was not aiming for the young girl.
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 They say that the shooting was gang related and that someone inside the house has a gang affiliation.   But the girl and her mother say that no one in the house is in a gang.

Despite the injury and future danger, the family considers the sparing of the girl’s life to be a “Christmas miracle.”  We just hope they get that gang affiliated person out of that house.

“It’s amazing. It’s God sent. If it weren’t for God she wouldn’t be here,” her mother told KOMO.