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Melissa Harris-Perry’s Twerking Student Responds to Backlash: “I Twerk for Jesus”

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This week, we ran an article about a young woman, Kimari Carter, a student at The University of Texas. Some people were concerned about a segment that she did on the Melissa Harris Perry show in which the student explained why she applied for the Juicy J twerk scholarship.   During the interview, Harris Perry seemed to be encouraging the woman to keep twerking as a source of “empowerment.”

The response from the black community was overwhelming.  Some people agreed with Harris Perry, stating that the woman has a right to her expression, no matter what that may be.  Others said that she was being misled by Perry, who didn’t warn her of the consequences of a young woman working as an exotic dancer.

Kimari read our article and seemed furious about what we had to say. Here is what she said:

Excuse you? I AM most definitely NOT an “exotic dancer” BEFORE I am a student (nice way to intentionally word that) -__- 
1 – I’m not EVEN a stripper.
2 – I NEVER SAID ANY of the words you just put in my mouth. Improved my life by winning a scholarship? GIRL WHAT!? 
3 – the song is called “scholarship” & HOW DARE YOU insult my intelligence like I don’t know the song lyrics? U got me (& the whole story) F*CKED UP!
3 – the official scholarship has NOT BEEN RELEASED! Wtf!? I ain WON NOTHIN BUT A mass of ILLITERATE people READING into how I chose to display my erotic autonomy while sending a message of respectability politics to the world.
4 – I am not committed to Juicy J. 

I’d encourage you to ACTUALLY WATCH my video & READ my work in the description before you rush write your lil controversial piece for this site. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! 

So, out of fairness to Kimari, we took a look at her video, which has had thousands of views on Youtube.  In the video, she is explaining how she uses twerking as a way to empower her community.  The imagery shows her studying on campus, and at times, holding a book while practicing her twerking dance moves.

There are also the parts of the video where she is spinning around a pole and smoking what looks like marijuana while dancing.  At the end of the video, she even says that she is twerking for Jesus.   She also says she is twerking for Juicy J, a rapper whose most famous song is called “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” As she is dancing, the song “Twerk Scholarship,” is playing in the background.  Here are some of the lyrics:

And she only shake for backups, so shake it faster

 Money, money, money while she grindin’ on the pole

 Dollar for a show but don’t nobody gotta know

 She shakin’ it like she strippin’

 She only representin’ for her b*tches out in Memphis


Juicy J from the rap group Three Six Mafia

Juicy J from the rap group Three Six Mafia


Here are a few other precious lyrics from the song:


Clap that a**, just like the clapper

All these bands now these b*tches wanna f*ck with rappers

Show me some, I might owe you some

Them bands waiting and I know you want ’em 

I’m tryna pay your student loans

F*ck your boyfriend, I don’t want your number

Let me get that becky while I’m rolling up (Aka: “give me oral sexx while I smoke weed”)

Tell all your girlfriend that I’m breaking bread and down to f*ck

One night, f*ck a wife, trippy niggas never cuff (it means I’ll have sex with you for one night because I will never marry you)


Wait, there’s more.  Here’s a few more choice lyrics from the song “Deez B*tches Rollin”

These b*tches rolling, we rolling up
Money pouring down, drank pouring up
I’m f*cked up, it’s time to f*ck
She’s f*cked up, it’s time to f*ck

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
College hoes love alcohol and popping adderall
And anything that got something to do with withdrawals
They on their highest degree, by swallowing ecstasy
Strippers on campus looking for them grant fees (RATCHET!)
I’m in the chicks dorm room blowing hash
Grabbing ass getting becky that’s that trippy swag (Getting becky means oral sexx)
Molly in my system but I ain’t turnt up yet
Smoking paper jets with a blondie and brunette
They snortin blow, I’m double cupping
Juicy toss’ all hoes, no handcuffing (no handcuffing means that I expect women to give me sexx with no relationship)
F*ck her once, then f*ck her again
Then it’s on to the next, roommates and friends

Is this a revolution in women’s empowerment or young people who’ve been taught everything wrong about womanhood?   By applauding the girl’s video in which she says that she is twerking for Juicy J and Jesus, is Melissa Harris Perry encouraging young women to commit their bodies to men who seem to have almost no respect for them?  If this were your daughter in college, would you want her to commit herself to a college student who plans to get married or a man like Juicy J?  Has this girl been bamboozled?

We’re not judging Kimari on this, just playing out some facts to say that maybe some of our girls have been misled.  We’d love to hear what you think.

You can watch Kimari’s video here: