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Melissa Harris-Perry Encourages Student to Twerk Her Way Through College…..Seriously

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What do we make of feminism?   It is seen by many as a way to empower women and help them obtain equal rights they deserve.  By others, it’s seen as a way through which white women seek to control and occupy the minds of black Americans.  It has led to conflicts within the black community where individualism sometimes conflicts with family and people either seem to love it or hate it.

One prominent feminist on national television is Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.  Perry often shares views on abortion, marriage, etc that create controversy and sometimes have womanists up in arms, claiming that she has problems with African American men.

One recent show that has garnered a great deal of attention is the interview she did with Kimari Carter, an exotic dancer who is also a student at The University of Texas. Kimari says that she was regularly ostracized by students for stripping for money, but has improved her life by earning a scholarship by entering the “Twerking Scholarship Contest” hosted by rapper Juicy J from the group Three-Six Mafia.

During the interview, Harris-Perry says that the young woman has been “empowered” by being an exotic dancer.

The remarks, in which Harris-Perry gleefully encourages the young woman to continue twerking for money, have created a great deal of concern for those who battle to have women recognized for their minds and not their backsides.  Harris-Perry encourages the young woman to be proud of taking the Juicy J twerking scholarship, but she may want to take a listen to some of the rapper’s lyrics in the song “Twerk Scholarship”.  When one reads the lyrics, it can be difficult to see how it could be empowering for any young woman to commit herself to men like this in order to pay her way through school.

Take a read of the lyrics and tell us what you think:

Clap that ass, just like the clapper

All these bands now these bιtches wanna fucκ with rappers

I got my Ghost outside, I call it Casper

Ain’t no nιgga fly as Juicy J, ask NASA

Show me some, I might owe you some

Them bands waiting and I know you want ’em

I’m tryna pay your student loans

Fucκ your boyfriend, I don’t want your number

Let me get that becky while I’m rolling up (Get that becky means receiving oral sexx while rolling up a joint)

Send my watch back to my jeweler, it ain’t cold enough

Just a bunch of bad college chicks in the W with no clothes on

Trippy cup in my hand in the bathtub with my robe on

Tell all your girlfriend that I’m breaking bread and down to fucκ

One night, fucκ a wife, trippy niggas never cuff

You can watch the Perry episode below: