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Meagan Good Says that Pushing Her Sexy Side Has Made People Take Her Less Seriously

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Meagan Good is no stranger to attention or controversy.  The preacher’s wife who once said that she wanted to be a “sexy Christian,” is now saying that her determination to be seen as a sexy adult has come back to haunt her.

Good has a big role coming up in the film “Anchorman,” which deviates from previous roles that define her as a man’s love interest.  She says that this is a relief because she’d started to feel boxed in during her twenties.  Starting off as a child star and seeking to define her womanhood as a lot of child actors do, Good pushed out sexy images of herself in order to show that she was now an adult.

But now, Good says that pushing her sexy side caused her to lose out on a lot of opportunities, since audiences don’t take her seriously as a quality actress.

During a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Good explained her struggles.

“When I got into my 20s, I was fighting for people to see that the little girl from Friday and Eve’s Bayou wasn’t a little girl anymore. That’s why my career took the “sexy” turn. By my mid-20s, it had backfired. I was always playing the sexy roles. It was hard for me to be taken seriously as a good actress. I had to fight my way out of that box that people put me in.”

Good also says that she loves being in her thirties, which she defines as re-living your twenties as a wiser and more confident person.

“I’m just now getting into my 30s, and this is the best I’ve ever felt inside and the best I’ve ever looked. I’m so ready. It’s like reliving your 20s but so much better, with a stronger sense of who you are and who you’re not. Because of that, I’ve never felt sexier. It’s a whole new kind of ‘sexy’ turn for me.”

Maybe Good should realize that whatever you’re selling, people are going to buy.  She has been pushing the sexy for years, and that’s what people have noticed.  Can she ever get out of that box?  Only time will tell.