Mariah Carey Admits Husband Nick Cannon Wasn’t Around During Her Difficult Pregnancy

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During photo shoots and promotional events, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey look like the perfect couple. But Mariah Carey revealedmariah_carey_cannon during a recent interview that she spent one of the most difficult periods of her life alone.

In an interview with Andy Cohen during the show Watch What Happens Live,   Carey admitted that her husband Nick Cannon was nowhere around during her painful and difficult pregnancy.

Answering a fan’s question on whether 43-year-old Carey planned on giving her twins another brother or sister, Carey explained that her pregnancy was wrought with complications and she had no plans of having more kids.

“I had preeclampsia; I had gestational diabetes, a really difficult pregnancy and I was alone most of the time,” Carey explained.

Hearing the crowd’s reaction to her admission that she was alone during her pregnancy, Carey defended her man.
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“We love Nick, but he’s working!” added Carey.

“He’s the hardest working man in show business. Hi, Nick!” she said.

In answering whether or not she would have more kids, she said definitively, “Nick and I have a boy and a girl, I couldn’t ask for better.”

She also acknowledged the responsibility of raising a family.

“I’m responsible for these children ’til forever so I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle, here they are and it is so different than just being able to just be like, ‘OK, bye, well, I’m going here now, I just did a show, I’m leaving.’”

What do you think? Should Cannon have been around during his wife’s pregnancy or was he just doing what he had to do to be successful?