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Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Explains Why She Was Arrested and Why Jail Traumatized Her

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Toya Wright is known as the first love for the rapper Lil Wayne.  She had a child with him, which has kept her famous over the years as his career in hip-hop has grown.   She recently made news for being arrested down in Georgia.  She was pulled over and when the officer realized that she had a warrant out for her arrest, he had her in handcuffs in no time.

Wright spent 24 hours in jail, and has now explained that the reason for her incarceration was an unpaid speeding ticket.  She says that it “slipped through the cracks,” which led her to forget to pay it.  But the cost is high, since the cops are ready to arrest anyone for nearly anything these days, since money is often made by putting people in jail.

Toya says that after spending a night in jail, she is in shock.  She told TMZ that she was stunned by the way her fellow inmates were treated “inhumanely.”   She also says that jail has changed her and scared her to no end.

“I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worst enemy,” Toya said. “What I witnessed was so bad that I don’t even want to leave the house right now.”

Something good has come out of the situation.  Toya says that after seeing how people are treated in jail, she is now planning to become an advocate for better treatment of incarcerated inmates.  Just last year, inmates in the state of Georgia, where Toya went to jail, staged a hunger strike to fight against inhumane treatment.  Many of them were being starved, frozen in their cells and beaten to an early grave for even protesting peacefully.

Maybe they can use some voices on the outside to help them.