Kate Winslet Accused Of Taking Her Child’s Father Out Of The Picture

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Kate WinsletAfter the U.K. based father’s rights organization, Father 4 Justice, posted an advert with the slogan “Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas,” alongside a picture of movie star Kate Winslet, the actress is threatening to sue to the group for defamation of character.

The 38-year-old actress who has 3 children to three different men, appeared in last month’s issue of Vogue magazine to defend the way she is raising her children, after criticism by some that they needed their fathers.

In the magazine, the famous actress said that her children were not passed from “pillar to post,” in other words between their fathers and their mother and she kept her children with her at all times.

The British actress and singer went on to say that her kids did not spend 50% of their time with their mother and 50% with their father, and most of their time travelling between the two while being looked after by nannies, like some other celebrities kids.

Fathers 4 Justice criticized Winslet for not sharing the parenting of her children, aged 13, 10 and 2 weeks, with their three fathers, directors Jim Threapleton and Same Mendes and Ned Rocknroll, who is her latest partner and husband.

The academy award winning actress was one of the first to be outraged about the poster of her and so was her former husband, Sam Mendes, who contacted the father’s rights organization to tell them how it really was.

Mendes said that the organization knew nothing of his family life and it was very wrong for them to comment about it. He added that although he had great respect for fathers’ rights, it had never been a problem for him and his son, Joe.

Now Winslet’s lawyers are threatening to sue Fathers 4 Justice because they believe their poster advertisement to be “misleading and seriously defamatory.”

However, according to Nadine O’Connor, spokesperson for the group, they believe that their organization did not act out of order and the poster is accurate in its assessment of Winslet from what she said in Vogue magazine.

O’Connor went on to say that “Fathers 4 Justice has not made any comment in our advert about the personal arrangements of Kate Winslet and the fathers of her children.”


  1. corbin56

    December 24, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Sometimes, children are better off without their so called fathers. Take one for the team Kate.

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