Kanye and Kim In Major Legal Battle with a Man Who Has Far More Money Than They Do

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are living in pre-marital bliss, but that bliss has a few hangups.  West and his wife-to-be filed a lawsuit against the co-founder of YouTube for publishing the video of their engagement before they were ready.  They say that, by releasing the footage before it’s time, they reduced the value of their marriage proposal, meaning that they would have a harder time selling it and getting paid for their big day.

West says that Chad Hurley’s posting violates a confidentiality agreement that they had with the YouTube co-founder.   The proposal took place October 21st at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Hurley was not invited to the event, but was allowed to stay because he and other participants signed an agreement not to post what they saw that day.

But now, Hurley is filing a counter suit against Kim and Kanye.   He says that he wasn’t informed that he couldn’t shoot or use the footage.   But Kanye says that he had a crew there shooting for E! Entertainment, which also hosts the show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Hurley alleges in his suit that he can’t be held legally responsible for the agreement because he was misled into signing it.  He also says that he received no compensation for signing it anyway.   He says that after he shot the event, someone gave him a waiver to sign, but told him that it was only to allow Kanye and Kim to use his image for their show.

Maybe he should read legal documents before signing them.

Hurley’s net worth, standing at $335 million, dwarfs the $140 million dollar combined net worth of Kanye and Kim.  They might want to be careful about suing him, since he’s got money to burn.