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If a Woman Gets Drunk, Does She Have Any Accountability for What She Does Sexually?

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Maria Lloyd, a well-known blogger for Your Black World, made a comment on Facebook about “drunken sεx” and whether or not this should play a part in how interactions between men and women are interpreted by the authorities.  Many of us know the scenario:  A man and woman get drunk and sεx occurs.  The woman says that she was rαped, and the man denies it.   Both were intoxicated, so the incident might be blurry to the both of them. 

Most of us agree that no one deserves to be rαped, no matter how much they had to drink.  But if a woman is not responsible for things she said or did while under the influence, can the man be held responsible?  That’s the subject of debate.

Here is what Lloyd said: 

I have read/written so many cases about women who had a drunken night on the town and wake up screaming rαpe the next day. It goes without saying that no one “deserves” to be taken advantage of while inebriated… But at what point do we hold adults accountable for their own poor decisions? Is it not possible that during your drunken night you actually gave consent and forgot the next morning? I’ve heard plenty of women brag about how good “drunk sεx” is… So, who’s to say these women weren’t in pursuit of drunk sεx and woke up blaming someone else for their risky behavior? Has anyone thought about why these women always seem to be alone when these situations occur? Where were their friends? Do they have a track record of getting drunk and píssing off their friends? If so, that’ll explain why they’re alone… No one wants to babysit a grown αss woman. I reiterate that these poor decisions should not equate to rαpe; however, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to acknowledge these situations as rαpe. Know your limit or don’t drink at all… This goes for men and women.