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Group Says R. Kelly is $114,900 Behind in Child Support, His Rep Says “No Way”

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R. Kelly has a new album coming out soon called “Black Panties.”  But according to famed hip-hop writer John “John Henry” Harris, Kelly is going to have to sell a lot of black panties to deal with overwhelming child support obligations.  The panties he’s collected over the years have led to $100,000 in child support that Kelly owes and it’s going to eat up his album profits.

Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, is reportedly owed $114,900 in back child support payments.  She is currently the star of the new VH1 reality show, “Hollywood Exes,” and is just as anxious as anyone to find out how many records Kells sells in his next release.  Andrea has also brought in an outside investigator to determine how much money Kelly actually has, since she is not entirely clear on the level of his income and assets.

“We will provide Mrs. Kelly’s attorney with the terms and conditions we provided in other cases where the Court granted enforcement orders to enable the collection of arrears for our clients,” says Virginia M. Rucinski, president of the Custodial Support Foundation and Project Child Support initiative.

R. Kelly and Andrea were married for 13 years before getting a divorce in 2009.  They both have three children together.

But R. Kelly’s representative, Kristen Foster, says that the company is wrong and issued the following statement, “The Custodial Support Foundation should check their facts.  Mr. Kelly is current on his child support payments.”

So, are they making things up?