Fox News Host is Convinced that Santa and Jesus are White

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Fox News is not exactly known as being a network that is friendly to minorities.  They typically oppose things like affirmative action and feel that black people are in prison because they deserve to be.   Then, there are times when they say or do something that is right in your face.

Megyn Kelly, who might be a blonde version of Bill O’Reilly, did a segment debating the race of Santa Clause.  She did the segment in response to a column written by a woman who says that maybe Santa doesn’t have to be white all the time, and that having a black santa every now and then might be a bit more inclusive.

Kelly starts the segment by saying, “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white.”  She goes on with clear confirmation that there is no way that Santa could be anything other than a typical viewer of Fox News.

Later, Kelly speaks on Jesus by saying “Jesus was  white man too,” to further discredit those who have expressed views to the contrary.  So, this proves that Fox News hosts read neither the bible nor history books, because it is well-documented that Jesus was probably not a white guy.  You can watch the segment below, but don’t waste your time if you’ve got better things to do with your life.