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Chrissy from Love and Hip-Hop Received a Huge Inheritance: Five Things You May Not Know

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By Yolanda Spivey

Christine “Chrissy” Lampkin was born in Harlem New York to parents of Cuban decent.  The date of her birth is unknown but it is suspected that she is around the age of 42.  We know Chrissy to be the outspoken girlfriend of rapper Jim Jones and a popular reality television star appearing on the original VH1 show, Love and Hip Hop.  Currently she is the star of her own reality television series, Chrissy & Mr. Jones.  There is a lot of mystery surrounding this lady but here are a few suspected facts that may interest you:

She was once a video vixen– Well sort of.  Chrissy appeared in rapper Apache’s 1993 music video “Gangsta Bitch.”

She has her own pocket change– Chrissy has her own money.  Her family owned bars, liquor stores and apartment buildings in Harlem, New York.  When her grandfather passed away, she inherited a few brownstones leaving Chrissy a nice sized investment.  She went to college for real estate and has been managing her properties ever since.

Controversy– It is suspected that Chrissy’s beautiful smile was once missing.  According to the website,, Chrissy allegedly got her teeth knocked out after stealing $32,000 from a man she use to date. She stole the money allegedly out of retaliation for the man cheating on her. The unidentified male reportedly offered to fix her teeth in lieu of Chrissy going to the police.

She use to date who?– Rumors are swirling that Chrissy use to date popular rapper JayZ when he was 23 years old.  It’s suspected that she is the reason why there has always been beef between Jim Jones and JayZ over the years.  In his song “Allure” Jay Z states, “To all the Chrissy’s in every cities and Tiffany Lanes, we all hustlers in love with the same thang.” Could he be talking about Chrissy?

She’s a business woman– Chrissy has a good sense of fashion and for  many years, she styled her famous boyfriend Jim Jones.  Currently she is head of “Lady Vamp”, a clothing line that is a spinoff of her boyfriend’s Jim Jones “Vampire Life” line.