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Black Bake-Contestant Says She Was Told to Stay In Her Place

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Kimberley Wilson (c)

Kimberley Wilson (c)

By Greg B.

Kimberley Wilson, a finalist on the Great British Bake off has come and said she was abused online by vicious viewers of the BBC2 show during its run.

The show Great British Bake off is a baking competition comprised of all amateur bakers. The series has filmed 4 seasons to date and the 5th season is scheduled for 2014. This particular incident which happened in season 4, featured an all female final, with the winner Frances Quinn being crowned.

Ms. Wilson along with the other runner up Ruby Tandoh, whom also claimed that she received in her words an “extraordinary” amount of bitter comments via social media, during the show.

Ms. Wilson explained that she received messages via social media, and said that viewers told her: “I was too self-satisfied, I was too confident and cocky and cocksure and I wasn’t showing enough vulnerability, I wasn’t showing enough deference, I wasn’t being gracious enough.

Ms. Wilson who claimed that she came into the competition very confident and level headed, as most would expect in that situation, seemingly was punished for it.

It appears that Ms. Wilson is not accustomed to the vitriol that our reality stars here in the US are used to. Most of the reality TV stars that we are on Twitter and Facebook, where they are ridiculed, disrespected and sometimes threatened. This is all in the name of 15 minutes of fame, and typically the reality stars here relish in it. The fact that Ms. Wilson received negative feedback from the Bake off is odd in respects to the viewership of those potentially responsible, but not surprising.

The series is set to resume in 2014, and this will be the fifth installment of the show. Hopefully viewers can be more classy this time around and respect the contestants.

Source- Daily Mail

Chime in, do you think reality TV contestants deserve vitriol?


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