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Beyonce’s Dad Sued for Being a Dead Beat: Owes $24,000 in Child Support

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Mathew Knowles is an old man, but he has created a complicated life.  Knowles now has a three-year old baby with a woman who was not his wife at the time he got her pregnant.  With the new baby comes a load of child support, especially if you’re messing with a younger woman who just wanted you for your money anyway.

TMZ is reporting that Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew’s baby, is suing to force him to repay $24,000 in child support that he hasn’t been sending her.  She says that Knowles is obligated to pay a whopping $12,000 per month and has missed two payments.  Those two missed payments are enough to send her to the courts, especially since he probably pays her more than she earns in an entire year.

Sources say that, despite receiving a doctor’s salary just to raise her baby, Alexsandra is still strapped for cash and can’t afford her expensive lifestyle.  She has also had to pull her son out of school since she can’t make the payments.

This is just the latest drama between the two former love birds.  Earlier this year, the woman says that Knowles sent a threatening email telling her that there is a “price to pay” for hurting his family.  Alexsandra issued a public apology to the Knowles family for helping Mathew cheat, but the apology was seen as a stunt to gain attention to his child support case.

Mathew you made your bed, now go lie in it.