Beyonce’s Dad, Matthew Knowles, is a No Show in Court for Child Support Trial

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By Daphne R

The mother of Beyonce’s secret half-brother had choice words for her baby daddy, Matthew Knowles. ‘If you’re telling the truth, show up to court’, she said after Knowles failed to show up  for a child support trial last week. Knowles’ questionable child support history and failure to appear in court resulted in him being sanctioned and facing contempt of court. It appears he’s trying to avoid facing off with AlexSandra Wright, the mother of his son.

Knowles has been accused of being at least three months behind on child support payments, a claim he denies, saying he’s never late on payments, according to what he told Radar Online. But when the State of California court records showed that he was, he quickly started singing a different tune, claiming there was a mix-up in paperwork.

‘Friends and family are growing increasingly worried about the damage being done to Nixon by his biological father denying his existence and allowing the public to bash his mother,’ a source close to Wright says. ‘Mathew continues to fuel the fire by making public statements insinuating that Alex is lying about all of this, but every time he has been proven wrong.’

“AlexSandra just wants the truth to come out. And the only way that this will happen is if Mathew Knowles is held accountable for his actions and his child like every other citizen in this country!’, the source went on to say.

Those close to AlexSandra feel that Matthew Knowles should just show up for court and stop being a coward, and if he’s broke then he should prove it.

Another child support trial is scheduled for next month. According to Wright and her family, Knowles has never seen his four year old son. Her brother has been outspoken about it

‘I find it kind of odd that somebody that’s proven as somebody’s biological father has never ever seen their son,’ said Johnathan Wright in an interview with Radar ‘And when they’re a wealthy individual, it’s odd that they would be a deadbeat dad.’


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