AEG Responds to Katherine Jackson’s Appeal, She’s ‘Making a Mockery of the Legal System’

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By Daphne R

Katherine Jackson has decided to file an appeal to the $40 billion AEG wrongful death case and the company has sounded off about it saying Ms. Jackson is wasting her time and making a mockery of the legal system. The jurors reached a verdict that found Dr. Conrad Murray was competent when he was hired by AEG and that there was no reason for concert promoter AEG, promoter of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” concerts, to think he would start using surgery-style anesthesiology in his treatment of the superstar. Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and spent less than 2 years of a 4 year sentence.

Ms. Katherine believes that AEG should be liable for Dr. Murray’s negligence and recklessness during the months leading up to Michael Jackson’s death. She believes it was their responsibility to stop him from using his irresponsible treatment methods.

AEG feels that Ms. Katherine is grasping for straws and her appeal is a last ditch attempt from a desperate woman.

A family insider told Radar Online that siblings Randy and Jermaine, who were not included in Michael Jackson’s will, have been urging their mother to not give up the fight for a guilty verdict in hopes of getting their hands on some of the money. The insider says both Randy and Jermaine were shell-shocked by the outcome of the trial and that Randy especially believes there were a number of errors made by the judge in the case.

Ms. Jackson filed her appeal documents in a California court on November 12, 2013. Her lawyer says, ‘She isn’t throwing in the towel. We can’t give up until we gather all the information.’

The case is due in a court of appeals on January 3rd. While both sides have their own idea of who’s responsible, it will ultimately be up to a judge to decide.



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