A Facebook Post Literally Changes Woman’s Life

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facebook miracle

By Daphne R

A single mom in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Maria Gregg, was struggling through a rough time in her life when she stepped into the North Gwinnett Co-Operative Ministries to acquire help with food, etc., a week before Christmas.

She was given a box of food by volunteers and offered a ride home. Fox 5 Atlanta reports that the volunteers who drove her home noticed that Gregg and her son were sleeping on the floor, having little to no furniture in their apartment and felt the need to do something about it.

The Ministry’s executive director says she didn’t know how she could help especially during this busy time of year, but her daughter who was among the group that visited Gregg’s home urged her to do something. So, she posted to Facebook asking the community to help the single mom through donations of anything they could spare. The response was phenomenal and random acts of kindness began to pour in to help the single mother.  Within 48 hours, Maria had almost everything she needed. People donated furniture, televisions and even a game system for Gregg’s son.

And the giving continued, donations were made by people in the community to pay Gregg’s rent through February and $4,000 was collected toward the purchase of a car for Ms. Gregg, who works at a local mall but has to walk home, sometimes after dark.

‘People started donating. Strangers who knew nothing about me, my name, my past, my face — it didn’t matter,’ Gregg told Fox 5. The Center is looking forward to being able to purchase that car for Ms. Gregg. In such a tough economy, it was indeed a blessing to see the unselfishness of others.

The Facebook post shows the power of social media in aiding and fulfilling a need and the power of collective generosity.



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