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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Man Doesn’t Want to be Around You Anymore

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Here are a few tips to the ladies who are seeking to keep their relationships in tact.  These are the things that you would do if you were trying to get rid of the man that you love:

1)      Ignore his needs – men have needs, and you can probably guess what the biggest need is. This is really true for younger men, but can also be true for older men too.  If you can’t satisfy your man’s needs, then someone else is going to do it for you, behind your back.

2)      Disrespect him – Women tend to want love, but men want to be respected.  By demeaning him constantly, degrading him or humiliating and emasculating him, you only make him fall into the arms of the woman who is going to have his back and make him feel like a man.

3)      Just be a pretty face – A woman can get a man’s attention by looking good, but that’s not how she can keep his attention.  Don’t just work on your looks, also work on your mind and your spirit.  In other words, just do the opposite of what women do on the TV show, Basketball Wives.

4)      Be nasty and evil all the time – Men don’t like bitchiness.  Sometimes, you can’t help it.  But turning your nose up at everything and everyone, being hateful toward others and always complaining about tiny stuff can really drive him insane.  Your man should see you as an oasis of happiness, not as a bastion of negative energy.  Be a good person.

5)      Unsympathetically drain his financial resources – Brothers are struggling out there.  Many of them can’t find jobs and are unhappy with the jobs that they do find.  If you are a financial asset to your man, he’ll appreciate the support. But if you’re just another liability, the pressure may make him want to go elsewhere.

6)      Nag the &*^% out of him – If you want something, find a way to sooth it out of him.  Whining, moaning and complaining all the time is only going to make things worse.  He doesn’t want to hear that when he comes home everyday, so if you want him to marry you, chill out and try to find more subtle ways to get what you want.  If he won’t give it to you, then find another man.

7)      Embarrass him in front of friends or family – A man doesn’t want to take a woman home if she is going to embarrass him.  Also, if you disrespect or humiliate him in front of friends or relatives, he won’t want to deal with you anymore.   That’s just a fact.


  1. Cindie

    December 5, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    And the same advice is good for men, too.

  2. DEREK

    December 6, 2013 at 12:36 pm


  3. Sir William

    December 7, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I can especially appreciate #5 because I’ve lived it. I am a very successful man and that’s what i look for in a mate. Not a slight, just a preference. While I’m my most recent relationship I dealt with a woman who lived with her parents at the age of 30 until she moved in with me. I have a three bedroom house where i handled everything. But when she moved I’m she didn’t think that she should help out with the bills at all because her dad allowed her mother to be a stay at home. It’s not that I needed her assistance financially but when you move in with someone it is only right that you help out. I mean, she has a will paying job and is very successful in her own right. It came to the point where I started to see significant increases in my bills and just the general up keep of my place. You know it is bad when you actually have to go to your partner and ask if they will help you out. I mean, my money went to our bills and her money went to “her” bills and whatever else she wanted. Ladies do you believe In a 2 income home or are you stuck I’m the 19th Century process where the man provides while the woman stays home? I believe both parties will be happier if they live together and work as a unit and Ditch the gender roles.

  4. rachel

    December 10, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    If a man is not loyal to you like your expected to be to him, and cannot or attempt to work out the problems like us women try to do, he’s not the one for you. You will end up with the right person: treats you right, respectful, looks out for you in difficult times, shows his love and not just saying it. A relationship should not be one sided, Keeping mr. Wrong at bay will allow room for mr. Right.

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