21 Year Old College Student K!lled in Rapper Doe B’s Slaying

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When at least one armed gunman began spraying bullets at rapper Glenn Thomas, also known as Doe B,  they gunned down a college student with student slaina promising future.

Kimberle Johnson, 21, a college student from Troy State, was celebrating her 21st birthday when gunfire erupted and struck her in the head after midnight on Saturday.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Doe B., 22, was a member of TI’s rap clique and was celebrating a recent hit song when he was gunned down at  Centennial Bar and Grill in Alabama.  The bar was later shut down by Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange for posing an ‘imminent threat to the public’s safety,’ according to a statement. There was another shoo†ing at the bar in 2012 when the bar was named the Rose Supper Club.

The 2012 shoo†ing left six injured, while the most recent slaying left Johnson and Thomas deceased, with six others injured, including one critical injury, according to police.

The rapper’s manager says Doe B was not performing at the time he was shot at the bar. Doe B.  Had been shot once before, which led to the trademark eyepatch the rapper wore to cover his eye.  At the time of his passing, he had two children and another on the way.

Ms. Johnson was celebrating her birthday during her Christmas break from the University.

At a candlelight vigil, 3 year old Madison Thomas held a candle for her father, Doe B.

No one has been arrested in connection with the slaying.