Zimmerman Pointed Shotgun at “Pregnant” Girlfriend’s Face

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The recent arrest of George Zimmerman drew national attention, because it fueled additional speculation by millions that he is a violent man who killed Trayvon Martin without remorse or adequate prosecution.  The latest Zimmerman arrest originally had sketchy details, but thanks to TMZ, those details are becoming clearer by the hour.

It turns out that the reason Zimmerman’s new girlfriend called the cops is because he pointed a gun directly at her face.  He then proceeded to destroy her personal items, leading the woman to frantically call police in order to get help.   The gun was a double barrel shotgun, which he allegedly used to threaten the woman and push her out of his home.

TMZ says that law enforcement sources are saying that the girlfriend claims she was pregnant, but the sheriff’s office is refuting that statement, saying that they believe she is not with child.  So, it seems that no one knows exactly what’s going on, at least when it comes to the production of little George Zimmermans.

The woman says that she and Zimmerman got into a verbal dispute, which turned physical when he told her to leave the house.  That’s when Zimmerman started to pack his own things, including a shotgun and assault rifle.  Having the gun nearby is allegedly what caused him to point it at the woman’s face out of frustration.

When the woman told Zimmerman that she was going to call the police, he pointed the gun at her and asked if she was sure she wanted to do that.  We wonder if that’s what he said to Trayvon on the night he murdered him in cold blood.