Tyrese Gibson Makes a Grand Gesture to Promote His New Movie about Jesus

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Tyrese Gibson first came to America’s attention when he was seen singing a melodic tune for a commercial. Several years later, he has enjoyed several successful albums and appearances in blockbuster  movies including the Transformers series.

Known for his work in the recording studio and in front of a camera, Gibson has decided to use his financial resources and celebrity status to be a blessing to others as we enter into the holiday season.

Tyrese recently announced that, “I want to go downtown and buy 1,500 tickets to this movie [Black Nativity] and give them away to the homeless.”  He added that he wants to “make sure the less fortunate can go see this movie.”

Gibson recently was interviewed by EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas . They discussed the highly anticipated film that unites Forrest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson on the big screen in the movie “Black Nativity”  which will be released in theaters within the next few weeks.

When he was asked why wholesome, faith-themed movies are necessary and relevant, he replied: “There are a lot of people giving up.”

He believes that the movie’s storyline and inclusion of real life struggles will “give hope to the hopeless, inspire the uninspired, and motivate the unmotivated.” Based upon Langston Hughes’ play of the same name, the movie adds a contemporary spin to universal concerns that transcend race, gender and socioeconomic class.

Gibson wants the audience to know that difficulties can be overcome. He stated, “We all wake up every day with big smiles, big energy but most of us have real situations on our minds. Disappointments, issues, conflicts, and insecurities. There is so much stuff that gets exposed in this movie. I think it is going to force a lot of people and families to have those conversations they have been running away from because you can only be so busy before stuff catches up to you.”