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Remember the Black Woman Who Defended George Zimmerman? She’s Quiet as a Mouse

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George Zimmerman got away with murder, at least that’s what much of the country felt.  The nation watched with disbelief as he was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year old who was stalked and killed by Zimmerman in cold blood.  Before, there was doubt by some that Zimmerman did anything wrong.  They thought Trayvon might be a thug, or smoked weed, or liked to play too much Playstation 3.  They were looking for any excuse as to why this innocent, law-abiding citizen had to go to the lengths of taking his life.

We now know that Zimmerman is not the man that he was in front of the jury.  Since he was acquitted of the crime, he has gotten into two violent domestic disputes with women, one with his wife, and the other with his girlfriend.  He is now in police custody for the most recent case, where his girlfriend says that he pointed a shotgun in her face.

This leads to another person who was heavily involved in the case, Ms. Channa Lloyd.  Lloyd was featured in national media outlets as the only black person in America willing to work to help keep George Zimmerman out of prison.  Some people thought she was a sellout, and some thought she was seeking truth and justice.  Others may have felt that the death of an innocent black teenager should never get in the way of a black woman trying to get paid.

But what does she think about the case now?  We checked her twitter page to see what she might be thinking, but she’s been mum on the matter since Zimmerman’s arrests.  But does she owe anyone an apology?

But despite not talking, tweeting or texting about Zimmerman’s behavior, Lloyd may be sending out subtle messages.  On her page is a cryptic message about silence not meaning acceptance.  You can see that message below.  But it’s awfully funny that she seemed more than willing to speak to the media just a few months ago.