Rapper Nicki Minaj Releases Pink Friday Beats By Dre Headphones For $400

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By: Britt L

Rap & Pop star Nicki Minaj has broken plenty of barriers in the music industry. But the Trinidadian native has proven that not only is she a music artists, she’s also a brand.

On a homepage website, Minaj broke news that she will be launching her own Beats By Dre “Pink Pro” headphones, in means to celebrate the three-year anniversary of her first studio album, “Pink Friday.”

With the headphones, Minaj sets to tap into the independent and feminine streak of her fans. With a “queen” theme and signature pink color, Minaj has definitely achieved the goal to win her Barbie’s hearts.

On the products homepage, a statement was released:

“I am queen

Tell the world why you are queen.

Celebrate #PinkFriday on November 22.

Nicki Minaj and Beats celebrate Pink Friday with the release of her Pink Pros. Nicki invites you to show the world how you are Queen with her bold Pink Beats Collection.”

So excited about the up and coming release, Nicki posted photos of her new ear buds, Pros and Pill speakers via Instagram.

“The Nicki Minaj Beats By Dre collection is now complete. Pink Pill Speakers, Pink Earbuds, Pink & White Pros, #HappyPinkFriday,” read the caption.

Although the headphones are quite a sight to see, the “queens” may not be too happy about the price.

Just like the Dr. Dre’s beats that debuted at $400 or more upon their release in 2008, Nicki’s Pros retail at a whopping $400.

The headphones can be purchased on the Beats official website.