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Patti LaBelle in Court to Defend Her Bodyguard’s Decision to Punch a Drunk College Student

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Patti LaBelle is a diva that is probably well known all over the world. With a musical career that has spanned over five decades, the two time Grammy Award winner has been recognized as one of the most bankable icons in the music industry.

Unfortunately for the legendary soul and R&B singer, in the past few days she has not been in the news for her musical talent but rather over an incident that occurred one day in March of 2011. LaBelle is in court testifying for her bodyguard, Efrem Holmes, who punched an inebriated West Point cadet, Richard King, after he got too close to their limousine. Holmes was in the docks answering to misdemeanor assault charges.

On the fateful day, as the singer and her entourage were leaving Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, they were approached by a staggering King. According to LaBelle, he started swearing at her and calling her names as he came closer but was intercepted by her son Zuri Edwards, who is also her driver, and her bodyguards.

It was then that the alleged punching incident occurred, which led to King incurring a head injury that landed him in hospital. According to the ABC news website, hospital records show that he needed three staples in his head.

The Video

Evidence against Holmes included a video that was captured on the airport’s security camera. The prosecutors presented it and described how, in the middle of the video, Edwards chest-bumps King. This led to King throwing a punch at LaBelle’s son’s hitting him in the eye. It is then that Holmes steps in and punches him three times in the face. Subsequently, LaBelle’s hairdresser goes in between the two and also hits King.

According to records, King had a blood-alcohol level of .28 percent, or almost three times the legal threshold for intoxication in Texas. In his testimony, he stated that he didn’t remember anything about the incident that occurred on that day. Although he has now been allowed back in, King was put on suspension from West Point over the incident.

While the trial is expected to end in about a week’s time, it looks like there will still be more drama to come over the incident as King has filed a civil lawsuit against LaBelle and her bodyguards. LaBelle has also counter-sued him.

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