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Patti LaBelle Causes Oprah to Freeze Up During Dynamic Interview

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It’s not often to find one of the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, silenced in any interview she’s ever given. However,  famous singer Patti LaBelle showed that  she could hold her own during a tough interview. In fact, she silenced the famous journalist with just one word. During an interview Oprah did with diva Patti LaBelle she asked the singer if she had ever been booed at the Apollo Theater. The engaging interview also took place there.

LaBelle responded with a snappy ”What?” for an answer. She then followed it up with a “Girl, who you talking to?” If her answer wasn’t diva enough, being confident enough to call Winfrey a “girl” sure was.  The two women then went on to discuss the Big Legends Ball Oprah has every year to celebrate the greatest black women who have inspired her.  LaBelle was once honored at this ball. When Oprah asked the singer if she thought  she was a legend, Labelle did not think twice about answering with the words,”Yes, I really do.” When Oprah asked her if she fully embraced the title the singer answered with another ,”What?”

The interview continued strongly as the diva talked about everything from not using a stranger’s cell phone to not wanting anything to do with social media. Throughout the entire interview, Labelle showed her diva side through and through. Labelle also discussed the juicy details of her supposed long standing feud between her and Dianna Ross.  Oprah also compared the diva to Lady Gaga.

The singer was extremely candid  about her personal struggles. The singer claimed that she has  had many low periods, but through everything she never stopped being her true self. She also said she is always happy about her life. The soul singer recently celebrated her 69th birthday.

We love you Patti!