Nelly to Spelman Protesters: You Robbed Me…I Should’ve Kicked Somebody’s @ss

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Rapper Nelly’s sister Jaqueline Donahue passed away in 2005, but prior to her passing, Nelly attempted to have a bone marrow drive at Spelman College. That drive was impeded by a group of protesters who wanted to meet with Nelly about his “Tip Drill” video prior to the drive. During an interview yesterday with Marc Lamont Hill for HuffPost Live, Nelly made it clear that he’s still livid at the protesters for getting in the way of his bone marrow drive.

During an interview with VLAD TV, Nelly dished on relationships and marriage.


When asked if he had any regrets, Nelly explained that he wouldn’t have done anything differently if given the chance and places blame for what happened squarely on the shoulders of the student protesters

“The Spelman thing, the only thing I feel I would’ve did different is kick somebody’s @ss…that’s just how it felt to me, Pimp,” he said. “I don’t have my sister. And I doubt it if half of those girls are still campaigning for what they quote, unquote took advantage for that opportunity for.”

When host Marc Lamont Hill pointed out to Nelly that the protesters only wanted to meet with him prior to the bone marrow drive, Nelly said that the timing was inappropriate.

“Why do you want to talk about that now while I’m trying to save lives,” asked Nelly.

The obvious answer to that question is that the protesters realized that they had leverage that would disappear once Nelly’s drive was over.

“You [protesters] robbed me of a opportunity. Unfairly, my brother. Because we could’ve still had your conversation after I got my opportunity, but it could’ve been somebody that was coming to that bone marrow drive that day, that was possibly a match for my sister. That didn’t come because of that…”

Nelly went on to say that half of the women who were protesting back then probably aren’t protesting now, and are probably “in the club, dancing to them songs on the weekend.”