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Did This College Student Really Kill Herself? Mom Says Man Married Her Daughter for Money and Benefits

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The mother of a young woman who allegedly ended her own life after finding out about her cheating, manipulative husband is asking that her case be re-opened.  Katherine Morris had a bright future, and was on her way to graduating from the University of Maryland.  But all of that came to an end when she left a sad message on her iPhone stating: “I am SO sorry for doing this to my parents in (sic) my friends, but I don’t see myself ever being happy again.  Please don’t let him get away with what he’s done & what he’s doing. I didn’t deserve this.”

Kathy had married Army Specialist Isaac Jerome Goodwin.  She ended her own life back in 2012.  Police say that two trays of burned charcoal were on the passenger floorboard, leading her to die from carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Rev. Marguerite Morris, her mother, says that there is more to the loss of her daughter than police might have noticed.  She sued Prudential to keep them from paying the $100,000 life insurance policy to her daughter’s husband.  She also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man.

The young woman’s mother says that the 911 tape has been lost, the mall’s surveillance video has been damaged, and the mall’s security company has not responded to her subpoena.   But police are going to help.  The new Chief of Police for Anne Arundel County, Kevin Davis, announced at a press conference that he is going to put together a task force to investigate how the woman died.

“My daughter was a victim of fraud and she had a lucrative insurance policy on her life,” Rev. Morris says.

“I’m not just a grieving mother. I’m a mother determined to find the truth about my daughter’s death.  The more we pressed, the more things did not seem to make sense,’ she said. ‘There are so many loose ends.”

The pastor’s daughter and her husband met just two years ago.  They dated mostly via phone and text.   The girl’s roommate said that the man was “jealous and controlling,” meaning that she probably shouldn’t have been dating him anyway.

The two were then secretly married right after she started her senior year in college.  But during their marriage, they never lived together and he only visited her twice during the first semester.  Her roommate says that he almost never spoke to her.

Before her death, Goodwin sent this note to her “husband.”

“I still don’t know why you suddenly wanted to marry me out of the blue … It confused me then and still confuses me. Why me? & why so soon? & why didn’t you ask me to marry you instead of telling me we were getting married?”

After finding out that he was cheating, Kathy sent him this note:

“I hope she’s worth it. I’ve packed up all of my stuff so it’s easier for my parents. I cut the screen out of my bedroom window.  Now all I have to do is take the dive and you’ll be free from having to deal with me forever … You can be happy now. Till death do us part. I love you.”

Kathy also sent a note to her mother telling her that she was suicidal.  That’s when she called police and had her daughter hospitalized.  Her daughter’s husband came to the hospital, but only five days after she was admitted.

One of the women that the man was sleeping with also thought they had an exclusive relationship.   She sent him a note stating that a marriage to “someone you know likes/cares about you for financial gain is crazy … Or should I say just plain STUPID. DUMB.”

She then sent this note to Kathy: “Yes, we have been intimate regularly for the past 3 1/2 years and we still communicate and we are trying to work things out as well and I’m definitely not his ex.”

Kathy killed herself just two weeks before graduation.  Although her husband has admitted to investigators that his marriage was just for money, it was determined that neither he, nor his other girlfriend, had anything to do with Kathy’s death.  However, her mother isn’t satisfied with the outcome of the investigation.