Pebbles on Wendy Williams Drops a Bomb on TLC’s Chilli

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by Daphne R

Perri “Pebbles” Reid appeared in an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams yesterday to finally share her side of the TLC story. In sure Wendy Williams Show fashion, Wendy got straight to the point wanting to know whether Pebbles had in fact stolen millions of dollar from the girl group she created and charted a course to stardom for, TLC. Initially, Pebbles danced around a lot of the questioning stating she couldn’t discuss it because of confidentiality agreements. But at Pebbles’ urging, she asked Wendy to rephrase the question so that it would require a simple answer. “Did you steal millions of dollars…?”  Pebbles broke in and answered emphatically, “h**l No!”

Although Pebbles created and managed the girl group, TLC, more than 20 years ago, the allegations reignited after the airing of the biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story on VH-1 in October. Pebbles blames VH-1 for creating an all-out hate campaign against her. And when asked if she’ll sue the group or the network stated she has some options on the table.

Wendy asked about the $25 weekly pay as portrayed and why Pebbles gave the girls RAV4 vehicles instead of something more expensive. Pebbles claims the RAV4s were the girl’s idea. “That’s what they asked for,” she says. She went on to explain that they were a new group and although they had gone platinum, they only had two songs and were opening acts on the tours they played which doesn’t equate to a lot of money.

Things got juicy when Wendy turned the questioning toward details of who kicked Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas out of the group. Pebbles responded that she didn’t do it, T-Boz and Left did. She alleges the two came to her saying they didn’t like what Chilli was doing, fooling around with their music producer at the time, Dallas Austin, who fathered a child with Chilli. Pebbles says the girls had established group rules and fraternizing was one of them. When Wendy let Pebbles know that this was her first time hearing this and that she had always heard that Pebbles kicked Chilli out the group for having slept with Pebbles’ then husband, record label executive, L.A. Reid. Pebbles cast a long stare into the audience and later revealed that she never walked in on L.A. and Chilli as some believed to have happened but she states she absolutely believes they were sleeping together because of what it produced. (Hmmm, wonder what that means?) I guess we’ll have to wait for the book that Pebble’s plans to write and says she’ll talk about it there.

There appears to be some truth to what TLC said about having to buy back their name. When asked about the price tag, a reported $1,000,000 per letter of the group’s name or whether money exchanged hands as part of the resolution, Pebbles would only state that a settlement and agreement was worked out.

Wendy closed the interview by asking Pebbles was there anything about the movie that was true amid VH-1 switching their stance to now say CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story was not a true story. Pebbles response, “I wore Chanel bags.” She says she has 9 pages of notes, not clear whether these are things she plans to disclaim or file suit against, but Pebbles completed the interview by stating, “The supposed TLC story is not true. VH-1 will be hearing from me. I’d like to be ok with everyone here, but it’s not ok.”


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.



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13 Responses to Pebbles on Wendy Williams Drops a Bomb on TLC’s Chilli

  1. Granger

    I understand everyone’s point of view.I like pebbles,always have.I do however believe that she was telling the truth.As for everyone else who is hating on her,keep in mind that tionne,chili,and left eye have to shoulder some of the blame for a lot of their own problems and stop blaming others.

    • L Roberts

      Totally get what you’re saying…but, these girls were young and did not know better. Maybe Chilli did sleep with LA, but where is his shoulder of responsibility??? He shouldn’t have even entertained the thought of messing with that young girl.

    • Oh Really?

      Well, let’s hope YOU are not young and enchanted by show business. they would eat you alive.

  2. Ish Muhammad

    Negroes spending Money like Monopoly Money d**n!

  3. Butch

    Nobody ripped TLC off but TLC, Baby-face and LA Reid! I do not blame Pebbles at all! The Jews do it everyday, and no black folks ever complain l***o

  4. Yes but the where just young girls from the hood and do not deserve to be rip off like that. They were to young to know anything about entertainment lawyers to look over contracts. They trusted Pebbles & she rip them off like so many have did in the business. Sounds like she did a number on them far worst than Berry Gordy did on his singers & musicians back in the day. So very stinking sad!!!

  5. DIDN’T Pebbles have a relationship prior to LA with a drug dealer, so she probably did have that street skill and used it to maintain the lifestyle she was accustomed to. It seems that everyone signed to LAface was having financial problems. Didn’t Toni Braxton file bankruptcy also? I think the only person that made all the money was Clive Davis and Babyface and LA Reid -

    I worked in BMG, Warner Chappel RCA, and most of the female artists back then spent a lot of unnecessary money on nails, hair, clothes, and did not invest their money in homes, land or businesses. The lawyers also were closely connected to the label execs. These kids today and yesteryear came from low income homes and did not have the finance education, nor the adult supervision to monitor their spending habits. The record labels have pimped black artists for years. Like Oprah says, sign your own checks and read your contracts three times before you sign them. And make sure you spend your money on things you need not wants

    • Hiroader2

      I’m inclined to thinking this pattern of business that still goes on… But the “numbers ” don’t lie it should be easy to verify….


    She played them girls like a cheap fiddle. She used their kindness for their weakness and got over on them girls like a fat rat. It’s mighty peculiar that more than one of L.A. Reid’s & Babyface’s acts have filed for bankruptcy over the years. Toni Braxton comes to mind right away. And there were others who filed as well. So TLC’s claim I am sure is not all false. The proof is in the pudding. There is no way in sam h**l that either Toni Braxton or TLC should have ever been broke with the volume of records & hits that they both sold & had, without some sort of backdoor shananigans by their managers i.e. Pebbles, L.A. Reid, & Babyface. So instead of steadily denying it & perpetuating theirs & her wrong-doing she (Pebbles) just needs to come clean & pardon the pun;- face the music to relieve her own stress if for nobody else’s. Of course if she doesn’t she will one day find that karma is a son-of-b***h & eventually pay one way or another, whether she likes it or not. Like my man Frankie Beverly says “what goes up must come down”.


    I THINK I’M GOING TO CHECK OUT ME SOME FRANKIE BEVERLY & MAZE RIGHT ABOUT NOW …”the things you do come back around”…..YEAH!!!!….”I’ve found what goes up must come down”…

  8. Vick Newson

    At its best; pure predatory capitalism. At worst; black on black crime.

  9. Ann G.

    It happens everyday to young artist that are not educated nor has a lawyer to check over their contracts. I give Ray Charles and Michael Jackson their “peeps” for being smart enough to own their own music! Ray Charles was not educated but he had that common sense that his mom taught him and was always thinking about Ray and what was best for him!

  10. Sister from the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection (Philly)

    Peebles and her sorry a*s daughter need to come clean. And Peebles need to stop saying that she is a minister if she did some s**t like that to those young naive girls. She will have to answer to God one day and all that money she lived a life of luxury in won’t mean a d**n thing. And the only person she and her daughter need to be made at is her ex-husband, LA Reid. I am sure Chili is not the first woman he cheated on her with. And we are the best d**n detectives in the world black women know when her man is cheating she can just look at him don’t have to say a word. That’s something that is in our spirit. Peebles talking about suing someone she don’t have a leg to stand on. I have no respect for her as a Blck Woman. Ok “Girlfriend”.

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