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Black Women Less Likely to Find Dates Online

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black women dating

The popularity of online dating is sending loads of singles who are ready to mingle to the dating websites to set up their profiles. But with the gumbo of choices on any given dating site, race seems to play a part in who is actually contacted.

One such dating website, “Are You Interested”, decided to analyze its more than 2.4 million interactions to see whether race played a part in who was more likely to receive a message. The results indicate that Asian women are more likely to be contacted regardless of the man’s race, with the exception of Asian men. The website’s analysis also revealed that white men are pursued most by women of most races. However, black women were found to be the least likely demographic to be contacted.

I’m a black woman and I’ve tried online dating and had some mixed results, but I never thought others were being contacted more than myself. Of course, I never did an analysis of comparing myself to other woman. My personal analysis was based on the quality of men that reached out to me. Most of which I would prefer not to date. I don’t recall ever reaching out to a white man, but I certainly have had some reach out to me.

I believe that online dating is still a very segregated activity, but I believe it can be a way to break racial barriers. I’ve been online a long time and many years ago white men would message me cautiously, feeling they would be shut down immediately. But today, they step to me online with much more confidence. In my area, I see many more black women marrying white men.

The “Are You Interested” study showed that whites were more likely to reach out to other races of people, but minorities were more likely to stay within their own race when contacting prospective mates. The only race that didn’t fit this trend was Asian women who were more likely to make contact with white guys.

As much as we want to believe that we’ve gotten past our issues of race, we’re far from it. Americans, in particular, seem to still prefer dating someone of their own race. No one seems to be clear as to why this is, but I would venture to say it has a lot to do with our comfort and level of trust.


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.


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