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Black Woman Says She’s Embarrassed Being Black, Wants to be Embraced by Whites

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By Daphne R

A mother of three, accused by her husband and family members, of being obsessed with being white appeared on Trisha Goddard’s TV Talk Show to share her beliefs.

Tannisha, mother of three, has been married to her black husband, Desmond for three years. The couple hails from Chicago but moved to a rural Iowa town because Tannisha wanted to get away from her black neighborhood. She wears blue contact lenses and a blond, long haired wig trying to erase her identity and to fit in with white people. Her husband also suspects she is secretly having an affair with a white sugar daddy who looks out for her.

In her own words, Tannisha says she moved to Iowa to escape the black lifestyle and that she decided the white lifestyle in Iowa was the way she wanted to live. She says she doesn’t care for the black race and thinks the “white race is more civilized, educated and sophisticated”.

Tannisha goes on to say that she’s embarrassed to be black and wants the race to accept and embrace her as if she was one of them because she thinks and acts white. When she’s with her family she feels she has to act ghetto and she hates it.

She says the white man they suspect of being her “Sugar Daddy” is just a white friend who takes care of her. She thinks white men are better providers and that she would have a different life if she was with one.

Her husband, Desmond, thinks she has lost her mind. He says he works hard every day to take care of her and their kids.

Tannisha says if she could be born again she would want to be born “all white” because it is beautiful and pure. She says blacks are turning their color to horrible. She describes Chicago as “CHI-Raq” where blacks are killing each other and it is not a safe place to raise their kids.

When Trisha asked if she felt uncomfortable with the predominantly black studio audience she responded, “No, because there’s security here.” Tannisha told Trisha she feels safe around her because of her British accent, although she’s black.

Tannisha admits to hosting separate parties at her house for her white friends and her black friends. Her reasoning behind the separate parties is related to the fact that her black guests over-indulge, eating three to four times, and pack up food to take home so that there’s not enough to go around.

Her daughters are not permitted to play outside before 6:00 pm or to drink coffee because Tannisha believes it will turn their skin darker. Her cousins accuse her of grooming her kids to marry whites.

Tannisha believes there is nothing wrong with black people acting white or wanting to be white.

Trisha sympathized with Tannisha for wanting to move to a safer area to raise to her kids but told her good or bad does not cling to any skin color. Both exist regardless of race.


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.


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