Woman’s Hair Weave Had Worms that Hatched Eggs Inside Her Scalp

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A young lady in Nairobi Kenya by the name of Irene Myangoh said that she paid N5,500 for a weave made out of human hair. Two weeks after the weave was put in place the woman went to see a doctor about having intense and uncontrollable headaches. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong right away and administered drugs to her to lessen the headache, but then the headache would flare up worse than before.

After multiple brain scans and blood tests, Mayangoh still didn’t know what was causing her headache.  It wasn’t until she went to a doctor who checked her scalp that she found out what it was.  Worms were digging into her scull below the beautiful weave. With further testing the worms were hatching eggs.

The manager of the salon said their extremely upset about the entire situation. The manager also revealed that 10 weaves have been made from the infested pack of hair that contained over 150 pieces. The salon manager said she did not want to release her name, but said she will talk to her suppliers to find out more about what happened. The manager claims their hair comes from the UK, USA and India.

Irene was lucky enough to survive the terrible ordeal by shaving her head and taking antibiotics.  A 16 year-old girl in Buruburu Kenya died from a spider in her scalp and biting her. The poison made its way into her blood stream and produced constant headaches before she died.

The most disturbing part of the entire thing is that the worms seem to be native to a rotten corpse so some of the natural hair weaves may have come from a dead body.