Woman With “mental defect” Drowns Her Three Kids, Mysteriously Has Fourth While Incarcerated

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By Barry Burch Jr.

One thing for sure that should not happen to you while in prison is getting pregnant; especially if you’re already in prison for having k!lled three of your children.

A woman, who actually confessed to being responsible for the drowning of her children in a bathtub in Long Island more than a half of a decade ago, gave birth to her fourth child under the supervision of officers at a “secure” upstate psychiatric hospital.

The woman is Leatrice Brewer. The 33-year-old was found to be suffering from a mental disease or defect, as reported by The Grio, when she k!lled her children. Thereby, she was found not guilty and has been held at the secure Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in New Hampton since the verdict. The case has emerged in the media for a second time because the father of the children that were k!lled received a settlement from Nassau County in wrongful death lawsuits, and Brewer wants a piece of it; a big piece – $350,000.

The father claims to have received a call from a lawyer asking him about possible homes for Brewer’s newborn. The newborn was conceived while she was incarcerated.

“She told me Leatrice had a baby while she was in that facility,” he said in an interview.

Pointing to privacy laws, the state office of Mental Health, which oversees the Mid-Hudson, has declined to offer any comments with regard to the matter. The father of the baby is unknown, and so are the circumstances under which Brewer was impregnated.

According to attorneys, Brewer does have a fighting shot at being granted some of the $350,000 estate the deceased children’s father was able to obtain; based solely on the fact that she was technically found not responsible in her role. At the same time, Brewer will not be going on any shopping sprees, as there is a 1.2 million lien against her. Attorneys say this price is for her psychiatric counseling along with other services.

The court could potentially exclude Brewer all together and give her percentage of the settlement to her newborn baby girl.