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Teen Cheerleader Gets Prison Time for Pimping Her Friends to Random Men

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On October 11, an ex-cheerleader captain at a Minneapolis high school sentenced to 3 years in prison for pimping out a younger team mate to make extra money for herself. Montia Parker, the perpetrator, was only 18. The victim was 16. Parker was arrested immediately after the crime was discovered and will have to spend at least 2 years in prison before she can be considered for police. Part of her sentence will also be to register as a sex-offender.

Parker said that last March she spoke with the 16 year-old girl about making money through prostitution. The young women has a learning disorder and followed the instructions of the older girl without fully understand the situation. The girl agreed to partake in the prostitution.

Parker put an ad for the girl online, drove her to an apartment and told her to perform oral sexx on a man. The girl made $60 from the job and turned it over to parker who kept the money for herself. The day after, Parker drove the girl to a different apartment. The girl did not want to have vaginal sex with the man as he requested and she offered oral sexx instead. The client turned down the offer and no money was given to the girl.

The victim’s sister was appalled by Parker’s actions and said she used the girl because of her learning disability. She also said the girl trusted Parker because she considered her a friend and would never expect her to cause her any harm. The sister requested from the judge that Parker get the harshest punishment possible because she destroyed her sister’s life. The girl is said to have isolated herself from others, changed schools and stopped perusing cheerleading.