School in Southern California Prohibits Twerking

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miley twerking

by Barry Burch Jr.

It is definitely not OK to twerk, not for one school at least.
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  A high school in Southern California has had enough of the dance, which has become incredibly popular since it was done (or was attempted to be done by some arguments) by Miley Cyrus as singer Robin Thicke performed his new hit song, “Blurred Lines.”

The school already had a list of dances that were banned at the school, but twerking has now officially been added.  According to the Orange County Register, administrators at Aliso Niguel High School made the decision that the dance, which involves a great deal of rump-shaking, suggests sεx and is not at all appropriate in a place designed for educational rigor.  Twerking is prohibited on campus, as well as at dances.

The infamous dance known as twerking will now join its predecessors, including “freaking” and “grinding.”  Both are banned at dances and at the Orange County School.  The students who choose to ignore the new rule will have to face the consequences; more particularly, they will lose the privilege to attend future dances for the entirety of the school year.  Also, the students’ parents are notified of their actions.

For fans of twerking, there is still a chance that the dance will survive being cut completely, at least for a little while, anyway.  The Capistrano Unified School District said that there have been no other high schools to make or announce plans towards the same decision.

Twerking has been around for quite some time, and students have surely been getting away with it, but after singer and actor Miley Cyrus put the dance on the main stage, parents and administrators have had their eyes opened.

“No twerking!”

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