Prosecutor Living the Good Life…As a Dead Beat Dad

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Christopher Eribo

Christopher Eribo, a Brooklyn prosecutor, is currently being sued for child support because he left a son in Nigeria and never returned. He never gave financial support to Afoke, his son. Eribo is a veteran prosecutor at the office of the District Attorney and is believed to be earning around $90,000 yearly.

According to Ofunne Chizea, Eribo left them in Nigeria when Afoke was just 8 months old. He said he was just going on a vacation to the United States of America for 2 weeks. Chizea, now 45, is currently suing Eribo for child support for Afoke who is now 18 years old. Both mother and son live Birmingham, England on government assistance while Christopher Eribo lives in Valley Stream, Long Island.

When interviewed, Eribo who’s now 47 years old didn’t want to comment. He now has a wife with whom he shares his 2-story house with. According to the spokeswoman for the office of the District Attorney, Eribo had been trying his best to be a father to Afoke but Chizea was keeping her son away from him.

According to Afoke, he always waited for his father to call him every time his birthday comes but he didn’t call. According to Chizea, she met Eribo in 1994 in Lagos. Their relationship brought forth an offspring in 1995 which made Eribo upset. She said Eribo made promises to look after mother and son. When she gave birth to Afoke, Eribo paid the bill.

When Eribo went to the USA, Chizea received a letter from his sister instructing her to sell all his belongings and use the money. However, the money was quickly gone in early 1997. In 2001, Chizea and Afoke moved to England and Eribo was accepted to work in the office of the District Attorney. In 2003, Eribo went to London to visit Afoke. He never visited his son again.

In 2007, Eribo married a Nigerian woman and his career prospered. On the other hand, Chizea is being advised to file a child-support case in New York because under its state laws a parent can ask for financial support until the child reaches 21 years of age.