Mistress Stαbbed to Deαth by Lover After Confessing HIV Status

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by Barry Burch Jr.

On Tuesday a court heard some new information surrounding the recent murder of a woman who was kιlled after telling a partner that she had HIV.
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  They heard the murder may have been premeditated.

Larry Dunn, 37, confessed to taking the life of his mistress, Cicely Lee Bolden, 29, after she, reportedly, informed him that she was positive for HIV.  He stαbbed her twice in the neck then left her to blεεd to deαth.

In Dunn’s original conversation with authorities, he told them that he had stabbed Bolden with a kitchen knife right after hearing the news that she was infected with the virus.  The two had just had unprotected sεx.

However, new information points to the opposite of spontaneity.  According to Dallas Observer, Dunn was privy to Bolden’s status a week before.  The court heard that Dunn was under the impression that he had given the permanent disease to his wife, and wanted to get some revenge.  When he arrived at Bolden’s house, he allegedly had unprotected sεx with her one final time.  But coldly, afterwards he grabbed a knife from the kitchen, hopped back into bed and fatally stαbbed Bolden in the neck.

He later told police, “In my mind, I’m already deαd.  She kιlled me, so I kιlled her.”

If Dunn is convicted, he could spend the remainder of his life in prison.  His lawyer is arguing that Dunn acted with “sudden passion,” which carries a considerably less sentence of 20 years.  It is still unclear as to whether Dunn is infected with the disease.  His lawyers only offer that he is still taking tests.

It may take as long as eight weeks for Dunn to find out what his status is, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  HIV antibodies are not immediately detectable for most people.