Kerry Washington Says She’s Not Stupid Just Because She’s Pretty

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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsReported By: Britt L

As beautiful as actress Kerry Washington is, the average person would assume the 36-year old bombshell is quite big headed and overly confident.

However, Kerry assures everyone that her looks have never overshadowed her intelligence for one reason and one reason only; she attended an all-girls school as a teen.

Daunting a simple red dress during an October 2nd panel discussion at the Paley Festival in New York, the star of Scandal revealed details of how her experience with attending an all-girls school helped shape who she is.

“I was really lucky because I went to an all-girl school and that single sex education really helped me because I really learned to bond with women and to not compete with or compare myself as much because we were all allowed to be ourselves and be unique and kind of have our unique strengths,” explained Washington.

“But I always felt like my value was much more about my intellect than it was my appearance, and so that’s what I spent time cultivating. And some of that I get from my mother, some of that comes from the schools that I went to and some comes from probably insecurity. This feeling that my value is what’s on the outside can’t really compete with other people, so I’ll place my focus here. Which I think has been a blessing for me.”

“Because I’m not stupid,” concluded the actress.

Obviously along with her astounding beauty, Kerry is quite the actress.

Kerry is currently starring in the hit ABC television show, Scandal. The leading lady plays Olivia Pope, a crisis management adviser for the White House.

Since first airing in April of 2012, Scandal has achieved a series-high in the 18-49 rating, with 9.12 million viewers during its season finale. The show ranks as one of the highest rated dramas on television to date.


  1. Sandra Mungin

    October 7, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    I m afraid that Kerry Washington is not as pretty as she has been led to believe. There are THOUSANDS of pretty women. AND they are smart also. Perhaps a more humble approach to life might serve her better…Whenever we think we re all that and a bag of chips we re usually trodding down the wrong road…

  2. blacjk jones

    October 7, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    I personally think Kerry W, is very pretty in her own unique way , i love her lips and her facial expressions she is such a wonderful actress, keep doing what you do Ms K because you’re a TREASURE! PEACE!!!

  3. Max007

    October 9, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Overall she’s an attractive woman, not the prettiest or most beautiful I’ve seen. I don’t know about her intelligence level, but given the ignorance and stupidity other black actresses and entertainers have proudly shown I think she’s smarter then average.

  4. Jalen

    October 9, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    She might not consider herself “stupid” or focused on “appearance” because she attended an all-girls school, but apparently all of that great intelligence and wisdom did not keep her from developing an eating disorder, did it?

    Some time ago, I read an article where she stated that she was unhappy with her appearance and weight like so many young girls, particularly in beauty-obsessed Hollywood. So, I guess her “appearance” may have been a little more important to her than she is willing to acknowledge in that panel discussion.

    I applaud her if she has won that battle, but she still appears quite frail to me. And, if you have to announce that you are “intelligent”, that is a big part of the problem to begin with.

    We give these salacious and liberal actresses such a big platform to spout their views and as long as they “say the right things” and are the “right ones” and not of the “Stacy Dash-Dare-To-Be-A-Political-Conservative-And-Audacious- Enough-To-Criticize-The Messiah President-Obama-And-Thought-To-Be-Clueless” variety, many black folks and other Obama lovers are okay with it.

    It is absolutely astounding to me, the pass some of us give people like Washington on the degrading, whorish role she plays on “Scandal” where she is the mistress and “sex toy” to the president. Would those same people want the real Commander-in-Chief to cheat on the illustrious, fashion icon and savant, First Lady Michelle with a real life, flesh and blood, and “play thing”? I think not. I think that most of the Obama-worshiping sycophants would be livid and that, finally, he just might get a “slight” criticism or two from blacks and the lapdog mainstream media.

    I don’t particularly find Kerry Washington “pretty” and she is just another average black actress that many people want to put on a pedestal. She has dated and, I believe, was engaged or living with a white man but now that she has “found her way home”, so to speak, and has married that black San Francisco 49er, I guess all’s right with her now.

    Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was a member of “Obama’s Glam Squad Liberal Hollywood Election Team” who just wanted to dictate their version of “family values” to the rest of us and if we resisted, they could ram it down our throats through the courts presided over by their equally liberal and Godless cohorts!!!

    The Kerry Washingtons of the world are precisely what is wrong with the black community and why we tend to embrace folks who are insubstantial and deprecate those who make tangible differences to humanity like Dr. Benjamin Carson, who through his graciousness, keen intellect and “gifted Hands” has done more for the world than the Kerry Washingtons, Beyoncé Knowles, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minajs, Miley Cyruses, Jay Zs, Little Waynes, Big Seans, the new “Kings of R&B” – Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake – and the list goes on of these inane parasites who are worshipped more than God.

    When will we realize that “pretty is” as “pretty does?” And, there’s nothing remotely “pretty” about much of what many of these folks represent and the garbage they will leave as examples for our impressionable children to follow.

  5. Tony Regusters

    October 12, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Jalen, your rant was interesting and not being a fan of the plantation fantasy promoting, white supremacist system pandering “Scandal” program I found myself enthralled reading your comment until you mentioned Ben Carson, of all people, as someone to hold up as an example for black people to emulate. Dr. Carson did have that well-deserved credibility but has squandered it with his turn toward radical white wing republicanism, so much so that it appears that somewhere, along an otherwise illustrious career, he appears to have performed brain surgery, quite unsuccessfully I might add, on himself.

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