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Kerry Washington is Pregnant as Olivia Pope Sleeps with Three Men: Whose Baby Will it Be?

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It’s been reported that Kerry Washington, star of the hit TV show, “Scandal,” is going to have a baby.  The good news arrives as her show has seen the highest highs of viewership and loyalty.  But there is a deeper question of how Shonda Rhimes and the other writers for the show are going to put this into the script.

Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses, who writes for, is wondering how the writers are going to reconcile Washington’s pregnancy with the activities of Olivia Pope.  She is most concerned with the fact that Pope is sleeping with three men.  Of course we know that pregnancy can certainly occur under those circumstances, but it would be interesting to see how the writers lay this one out.  Here is what she said on her Facebook page: 

So Kerry Washington is pregnant. I wonder if Shonda Rhimes will write into theScandal story line. And if so, since she sleeps with at least 3 different men, I wonder who’s baby it will be…hmmmm #JustThinkingOutLoud

What do you think?  Whose baby will it be?

The popularity of Washington’s character on the show has led to quite a few questions about s*xuality, gender and ethics.   There are some who refuse to watch the show because they find Olivia Pope to be a poor role model.  But there are others who might find her character intriguing and liberating.   Which one is she?  If your daughter were pregnant while sleeping with three men, how would this make you feel?