Is this Principal Choking a High School Student?

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principal choking student

From the above photo it appears that a Principal of a high school trying to choke a high school student. This photo has gone viral on different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, but the question is that is this photo enough to find out the truth?

What actually was happening that day? According to the report of KTVU Channel 2, this photo was taken last Friday when the principal of Pittsburg High School, Todd Whitmire was trying to restrain a student of 15 years old. She was fighting with another male student and she refused to stop fighting.

The principal said, “This photo does not show the reality.”

Todd Whitmire said that he is not absolutely worried about the photo; he was concerned about the comments in various Facebook threads. For that fight at the school campus, 12 students were suspended by the principal on Monday. Among 12 students, 2 were suspended for the actual fight and 10 were suspended because of their social media activity related to that photo.

Ashley Johnson, the student in that photo said that last Friday she was drawn into that fight after a male student of her school, whose size was twice her size and that male student slammed her into the wall of the school. She said that she was not fighting with that boy, but Todd Whitmire grabbed her.

Ashley Johnson said, “I was not fighting back.” She said, “I was lying on the school ground”

Ashley Johnson said that the principal was responsible for her injury. He forced her to restrain her.

Lt. Ron Raman, Pittsburg Police Department said that the incident can be a part of a large plan that was basically coordinated over the social media. He said, the principal is now out of charge as there is no evidence against him.