Couple Responds to Reports that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are Headed to Divorce Court

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Are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey headed to divorce court right after the birth of their beautiful twins?  Some are trying to say that this marriage is on the rocks and has been for a long time.  The National Enquirer took that step of making a bold report, stating that the couple is running into tough times and on their way to splitting their assets.

But this claim has been heavily refuted publicly by Nick Cannon, who says that the Enquirer needs to mind their own business.  Nick went to Twitter to dispel the rumors and even threw shots at the publication for shoddy journalism:

“The @NatEnquirer is for sale!” he said, “I tried to buy the company, but my accountants keep saying it’s not worth the money.  #liars #getverified.”

There is no word from Mariah on whether or not she supports her husband’s claims that divorce is not in their future.  This silence may mean nothing, but some might expect that if they both felt that way, then she might say something.  Also, with all the attacks that the Enquirer has gotten in the past for allegedly reporting things that aren’t true, it’s odd to imagine that they would just go make something up without any foundation whatsoever.
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The Enquirer’s so-called evidence that the marriage is on its way out are “rumors” that the couple has been cheating on each other.  There were also some pictures of Mariah flirting away with the rapper Nas while not wearing her wedding ring.   Finally, there was the claim that Nick was “also jealous over the long hours Mariah spent helping pal Arsenio Hall plan the launch of his recently debuted talk show.”

But Nick appeared on Arsenio’s show and did an amazing job.  It’s hard to figure out why he might be jealous.