Company Forces Woman to Remove Her Dreadlocks

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Ashley Davis dreadlocks

In St. Peters Missouri a 24 year-old woman, Ashley Davis, was told by her employer Tower Loan that her dreadlock hairstyle is unacceptable and that she would have to cut them. Davis is not interested in cutting her locks since she was hired with the same hairstyle. Davis said in an interview that she has been growing out her dreads for more than 10 years.  She believes that her hairstyle is a part of her culture and identity and cutting them would be stifling her personal style. In fact, everyone in her family has dreads so to remove them would make her feel out of sorts.

Davis expressed that she feels the policy to be “degrading” because the new dress policy was enacted just two weeks after she was hired. The new company policy says that dreadlocks, braids, mohawks, mullets or other hairstyles deemed inappropriate and can’t be worn. The company is staying pretty tight lipped about a case that is making such big national headlines. When Tower Loan was asked about the situation, they replied that they don’t comment on personnel matters. They did say however that they have an appearance policy that they clearly went over in the training manual. They also said that they believe a professional appearance is necessary.  Notice that their comment makes no mention of making amends with employee Ashley Davis.

Davis said she is hoping that that Tower Loan will review their policy so that they hire people based on their work and not on their personal style. Many companies have an anti-dread policy but this is particularly devastating to Davis since she was hired wearing the dreadlocks they now deem “unprofessional.” Only time will tell if Davis will win the battle with the loan company or will soon be looking for a new job.