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Too Much? Bride of NBA Player Announces Her Abortion During Wedding Ceremony

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by Jason Wilson

The wedding day is a day of happiness and perfection, at least you hope this is true for the happy couple.  It is also a day to confess your love for the person you’re planning to be tied to for life.

When Faith Rein married NBA player Udonis Haslem after a 14-year courtship, it only seemed natural that the two would make some optimistic confessions.  But the audience probably got more than they bargained for.

Right before the wedding, the couple told their loved ones and the public that they’d been pregnant in the past and decided to get an abortion.  Some hail the announcement as a source of pride, destigmatizing abortion.  Black women account for 30 percent of all abortions in the US. But is there something tacky about announcing that you killed your first born child?


Kelli Goff at writes about the issue and mentions that black church membership leads to the majority of African Americans opposing abortion.  Even those who are OK with the idea don’t exactly brag about it.

Recently a number of African-American clergy members and activists have mobilized around the issue of abortion, specifically labeling it a form of genocide within the black community. A controversial billboard campaign sprouted up nationally featuring photos of black children and thecaption, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”


So, this begs the question:  Are kids better off being killed before birth or being forced to grow up in inner city communities, plagued with poverty and violence?  This probably would not have been the case for the child of an NBA star, but this tends to be the narrative used to justify higher rates of abortion among black women, who are more likely than white women to be born into poverty.  Should your economic condition be the reason that your child doesn’t give a chance to live?  Would your mother have aborted you if someone had given her an inexpensive way to get rid of her “little inconvenience?”

Maybe the pro choice/pro life debate should be expanded to one that doesn’t just consider the economic condition and quality of life issues being faced by the mother.  Most of us have parents who made sacrifices for us, and it’s a little strange to live in a world where any minor inconvenience is an excuse to kill your child’s future before it comes into existence.   If the Haslems had chosen to let their child live, it might have inconvenienced them a bit, but they’d probably be glad their child was alive.  Would you rather have aborted any of your children?

But the debate will never come to an end.  Right now, the pro-life camp appears to be winning, with Planned Parenthood centers being closed around the nation.  Whether this is good for women or children depends on who you ask.  But one thing everyone can agree on is that you can prevent difficult choices by being careful about who you sleep with.  Sex wasn’t just created for pleasure; it actually does have something to do with procreation.