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Rihanna Financially Hammers Company for Using Her Image without Permission

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Rihanna has sent a message to a company and it should come through loud and clear:  Do not use my image without permission (and payment).  Rihanna sued a British retail chain for selling a tank top with her image on it, which is a no-no.  Topshop was ordered by a judge to pay all of Rihanna’s legal fees, which doesn’t sound too bad on the surface.

But the legal bill was a massive $1.47 million dollars, which could bankrupt a lot of small businesses.  The company couldn’t pay the fees, so they settled for a lesser amount of $321,760.

This settlement comes right after Rihanna’s public beef with singer Teyana Taylor.  Taylor went onto Twitter to accuse Rihanna of being a cyber bully after she made fun of her for “only” being worth $1.5 million dollars.   Come on ladies, grow up.  This is getting pathetic.

Rihanna is doing world tours and making a lot of money, but is readily threatened by the competition.  When Miley Cyrus did herm raunchy performance on the MTV Video Music Awards, Rihanna could be seen in the crowd with a look that some might define to be jealousy.   Maybe she wishes that she’d been the first to twerk on Robin Thick in public.  Is she threatened by the competition?
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