Ray J Allegedly Lost It After Overhearing Cop Disrespect Whitney Houston’s Body

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by Barry Burch Jr.

Just when we thought we’d heard the last of stories involving R&B singer Ray J and Whitney Houston, another news story surfaces, only this time it involves the Beverly Hills police.

Yesterday, shocking allegations were made with regard to a Beverly Hills police sergeant, who allegedly made utterly disrespectful and perverted comments about Whitney Houston’s body after she was discovered dead, last year in her hotel room, as reported by Rolling Out. It was a Beverly Hills cop who filed the complaint over the sergeant’s offensive behavior, claiming that the out-of-his-mind sergeant lifted the sheet covering Houston’s body below her pµbic area and said, “D—, she’s still looking good, huh?”

Now rumors have surfaced claiming that Houston’s former “friend”, Ray J, overheard some of the filthy jokes and reacted, as you’d imagine.   The singer immediately tried to f!ght the officers. According to TMZ, sources claim that Ray J heard a “disrespectful comment” about Houston followed by laughter.  The singer became so enraged that he reportedly tried to rush into Houston’s suite and take on the police by himself.  After hearing more laughter, Ray J made another attempt, and was finally removed from the scene by police.

Ray J has not made any comments as to whether these new allegations are true or false, but if the reports are true, disrespect doesn’t begin to describe what Ray J. witnessed.

Whitney Houston sold over 200 million records worldwide. Even though she had her ups and downs, no one deserves to be disrespected, especially after they have passed away.